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   16.02  Patent application (10-2016-0012897), safety device (Radar Detector) that notifys you moving objects approaching from backward.

   16.03  Wireless sensor for object detection sensor (frequency of 24GHz) Certification: MSIP-CRM-DNR-DND-30609.

   16.05  Radar Security Detector (DND-Series: DND-30 / DND-60 / DND-90)): IP65 certified.

   16.05  Radar Security Detector (DND-Series Premium: DND-30 / DND-60 / DND-90): IP66 certified.

   16.05  Radar Security Detector (DND-Series Premium: DND-30 / DND-60 / DND-90): Low temperature / high temperature test, brine test, 

              temperature and humidity test certified.

   16.09  Patent registration (10-1656251): Intrusion detection system

              (Radar security detector incorporating detection zone segmentation technology.

   16.11  Selected as a specialized company for parts and materials (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy).

   16.11  17th Radio Broadcasting New Technology Award: Winning Minister of the Future Creation Science Award.




   15.05  Radar Security Detector (DND-200): IP66 certified.     

   15.05  Pir & Radar cooperated sensor (DND-3000): IP65 certified.

   15.11  Patent Application (10-2015-0157295): Intrusion Detection System

              (Development of Radar Security Detector with Detection Zone Segmentation Technology).



   12.11  Outdoor radar detector(sensor) development (K-Band / Application: street lights, security lights, security)


   11.07  Determined and registered patent (a strip-line and slot-coupled feeding additional compact antenna).


   09.04  Institute and the 2rd factory was completed.

   09.09  Strip-line and slot-coupled compact antenna feed additional patents pending.


   07.03  The change of a company name(Dnet Co.,Ltd)

   07.06  Export blue-chip medium and small enterprises choice (SMBA Export Promotion Center)


   06.09  Venture business registration

   06.09  Microwave Motion Sensor Modules(10.687GHz) "CE" certification mark(ETSI EN 300 440:RF section)acquisition

              (Timco:Met Lap. US)

   06.11  Microwave Motion Sensor Modules "ROHS" certification acquisition (TUV Rheinland)


   05.02  RF-using X-Band Microwave(Radar) Motion Sensor Module first in Korea Patent registration


   04.12  RF-using X-Band Microwave Motion Sensor Module first in Korea patent Decision

   04.12  PIR and Microwave Motion Sensor combination sensing device utility model registration and technology estimation decision

   04.12  Microwave Motion Sensor utility model registration and technology estimation decision(0341979)


   03.01  Purchasing site for R&D institution.(1950㎡).

   03.01  S-Band/X-Band Microwave Motion Detector(for security) and Activator(for automatic door) development completion and producing

   03.02  RF sensor equipment ( Detector and Activator) used of Microwave Motion Sensor(Module) utility model registration


   03.04  Material and components special enterprise choice (Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy)- (Met Lap. US)

   03.04  Microwave Motion Sensor Modules "CE" certification mark(ETSI EN 300 440:RF section) and "FCC" certification mark(PART 15)


   03.05  Microwave Motion Sensor(Module)-using RF sensor equipment (Detector and Activator) utility model registration (0314860)

   03.11  Combined sensing device for both heat rays and Microwave Motion Sensor utility model registration and application

   03.11  Microwave Motion Sensor equipment utility model registration and application(0341979)



   02.05  Medium and small technology renovation development business enterprise choice and assignment performance

   02.05  RF-using S-band/X-band Microwave Motion Sensor(Module) for the first Korea development and patent application

   02.06  BS/CS combination flat antenna development

   02.01  Military Service Exception Firm (2003)

   02.01  RF-used Microwave Sensor controller development Completion

   02.12  Academic- industrial cooperation Hot-Line Affiliation with Kyoung-buk University, electronic engineering department.



   01.05  Export blue-chip medium and small enterprises choice (SMBA Export Promotion Center)

   01.10  Military Service Exception Firm registration(2002)



   00.02  Internet broadcasting communication receiver developing Completion

   00.03  Satellite broadcasting receiver producing Starting

   00.04  Incorporation - Dongnam en-tech co., LTD(main products : Microwave Sensor,LNB).

   00.05  Wireless communication mediator Developing and producing.

   00.07  Manufacturing plant construction starting .

   00.07  Venture business registration(The small and medium business administration) .

   00.07  Microwave Sensor development Starting

   00.09  Manufacturing plant construction completion(1,653 square meters).

   00.09  Academic-industrial cooperation (Dae-gu vocation college) registration & academic-industrial cooperation consortium participation.



   99.04  Export bright prospect medium and small enterprises choice(Small Business Corporation)

   99.08  Starting to develop internet broadcasting communication receiver

   99.08 Automobile's electric apparatus (starting motor core apparatus) development and supplying to KASCO Co.



   98.03  Contract to move into Sangseo high-tech industrial complex(factory site:1660㎡)

   98.03  penetration condenser development starting

   98.05  satellite broadcasting communication receiver development starting

   98.11  satellite broadcasting communication components development completion - supply to Samsung electricity


   90.03 Industrial robot producing, electric circuit designing and programming


   87.02 DongNam Entech establishment (individual industrialist) -CAD disign, ENGINEERING




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