*  K-Band Microwave Motion Sensor Module 


* Features  

 - Doppler radar-based motion detector  

 - Available in different frequency ranges  

 - Advanced PHEMT-oscillator with low current consumption  

 - Split transmit and receive path for maximum gain  

 - Mono (single channel) operation for motion detection  

 - Very small outline dimensions


* Model No.:

     DNS-060 : CW Type

     DNS-060FM : FMCW Type



DNS-060(K-Band Microwave Motion Sensor Module)

  • * Environmental Tests and Handling Precautions:

    - This  sensor module is sensitive to damage from ESD.

    - Normal precautions as usually applied to CMOS devices are sufficient when handling the device. Touching the signal output pins has to be avoided at any time before soldering or plugging the device into a motherboard

    - Applying multi-meters e.g. for resistance measurement between any of the connector   pins may cause damage to the module.


     * Applications   

    1. traffic / express highway watch and control.  

    2. security relation products (sensor and alarm set etc).  

    3. automobile rear collision warning.  

    4. automatic door activation.  

    5. sensor light.  

    6. sensors it applies in all products which operate.

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