* Microwave Radar Sensor(K-Band) DNC-100T 


* Features

·Radar-based motion measurement system operating in 24Ghz ISM band
·Distance measurement of moving objects
·Measuring distance from 0.3m to 120m with accuracy
·Configurable detection range
·Speed detection from 0.8 km / h to 250 km / h
·Rugged metal housing designed for outdoor use


·K-band based motion detector with intelligent μC decision unit.
·Moving objects within a speed range from 0.8 km / h to 250 km / h Can be detected.
·The sensing range is from 0.3 m to 120 m (depending on the RCS of the moving object)

DNC-100T/S(K-Band Radar Sensor)

  • * Parameter

    ·The DNC-4001 consists of a 24 GHz Radarfrontend (RFE) equipped with a DSP board to measure the distance and radial velocity of objects.
    ·The sensor provides three outputs that can be configured within a specified range
    ·Communication is performed with the RS232 interface for PWM output signals or for digital

    outputs (open drain). Sensor configuration can be done with GUI.

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