* DND-200D/200A : Microwave Barrier Rader Detector(Outdoor) 


* About US $1400.00

  Supply Ability: 1000 Set/Sets per Month

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·Detection range : Max. 200m (Ground install.)

                             Max. 80 ~ 100m (Fence install.)

·Operating temperature : -40 ° C to + 65 ° C.
·Input power: 9 ~ 30 Vdc.
·An intruder senses walking, running or crawling.
·Quick and easy installation on pillars, fences and walls.
·No maintenance required. High RFI / EMI Immunity.
·Remote control via RS-485 communication.
·Installation Height: 80 ~ 90cm height based on the ground.

(When installing on a fence, install it at 20 ~ 30cm height but within  2.5~3m height from the ground)




Microwave Frequency

Weather Proofing

Scope (Length of Protection zone)

Max. 200m

Lobe Witdh


Lobe Height


Range of Power Supply Voltage

9 ~ 30 Vdc

Current Consumption


Relay Contacts Values

N.C 28 Vdc, Maximum current 0.1 A

Alarm Period

3 Sec (Max.)

Tamper Switch

N.C 28 Vdc Maximum current 0.1 A - open when cover is removed

Detection Speed (Target Velocity)

0.1 ~ 10 m/sec

Remote testing

Built-in self-test generator simulates actual intrusion signals

Flatness of Ground

Approx. 0.3 m

Maximum Height of Grass on the ground

0.3 m

Maximum Height of Snow on the ground

0.5 m

Alarm Output - Switching over of relay  Contacts for the time

Minimum 3 Sec

Dimensions of Unit (trans./rec.) W/O braket


Weight (T,Rand Accessories)


Operating Temperature Range

-40°C ~ +65°C



Weather Proofing

·All openings with gasket and sealed
·Conformal coated circuit board

DND-200A(Security Detector)

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